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Parametric Modeling in Design

Spring 2017

Tu Th 03:55pm - 05:10pm, SCC 4.102B

Credit: 3

Phase 1 Parametric Modeling Basics

Lecture # Topics
Lecture 1 Course Introduction
Lecture 2 Geometric and Parametric Modeling - Getting Started
Lecture 3 Geometry: Vector representation
Lecture 4 Geometry: Vector operationss
Lecture 5 Geometry: Matrices and Transformations 1
Lecture 6 Geometry: Matrices and Transformations 2
Lecture 7 Geometry: Parametric Curves and Surfaces; NURBS
Lecture 8 Geometry: NURBS
Lecture 9 Geometry: NURBS
Visual Programming - Data Structure: Data Stream Matching and Functions
Lecture 10 Visual Programming - Data Structure: List and Data Management
Lecture 11 Algorithmic Design: Physically-based Modeling
Lecture 12 Project 1 Assignment, Homework Q&A
Lecture 13

Algorithmic Design: Voronoi

Lecture 14

Algorithmic Design: L-System and fractals


Phase 2 Parametric Modeling Advanced

Lecture # Topics
Lecture 15

Data Structure with Samples (1)

Lecture 16

Data Structure with Samples (2)

Lecture 17 Project 1 Q&A with Emad Al-Qattan in BIM-SIM Lab (Langford A 4th floor, middle of design studios)
Lecture 18 Midterm Project Presentation (1)
Algorithmic Design: Genetic Algorithm Getting Started
Lecture 19

Midterm Project Presentation (2)
Genetic Algorithm: Review

Lecture 20 Scripting Method: Geometry and Parametric Modeling
Lecture 21

Scripting Method: Advanced Samples
Final Project Assignment

Lecture 22 Algorithmic Design: Physically-based Modeling Revisited - Fun with Origami
Lecture 23

Parametric Design Patterns and Research
Project Q&A

Lecture 24 After ARCH655
Final Project Work Session, Q&A
Lecture 25 Review Data Structure
Final Project Work Session, Q&A
Lecture 26 Final Project Work Session, Q&A
Lecture 27 Final Presentation (1)
Lecture 28 Final Presentation (2)